Mr. Selfish and I had always wanted a dog, so in June 2010, we applied to some of the local rescue centers.  We wanted an older dog that was already potty-trained.  But when we received a call about a littler of six-weeks old puppies a few days later, we scheduled a time to see them almost immediately.

Prior to going, Mr. Selfish spoke to his mom, and she said, “No one ever just visits puppies.”  We didn’t really want a puppy so we figured that we could refrain.

Of course, we didn’t.

That night, we came home with an adorable Terrier mix. We named her Penny.

The first night, we played with her.  She was very cute but clearly needed a lot of training and time.

When I came home from work the next day, Mr. Selfish told me that he couldn’t handle watching a puppy and working on his game at the same time.  Since he was working from home, it would be his primary responsibility to care for Penny.

Heart-broken, I called the rescue center and we returned Penny.  We had only had her for about 24 hours.  Fortunately, she was subsequently adopted by a nice family that already had another dog to show her the ropes.

It was at this moment that I realized that we were currently carefree, with no responsibilities and wanted to remain that way for a few more years at least.  One day, we would have the dog, and yes, the kids too, but not now.

For now, we are selfish and relishing every minute of it.