Mr. Selfish and I decided to drive the loop around the Dingle Peninsula instead of the Ring of Kerry.  First of all, we had limited time and the Dingle Peninsula is only about 30 miles long whereas the Ring of Kerry is about 110 miles long.  Second, the Ring of Kerry is supposed to be slammed with tour buses during August.  Third and most importantly, the Dingle Peninsula is supposed to be equally if not more beautiful than the Ring of Kerry.

Ireland Trip Report

  1. Ireland Overview
  2. Driving in Ireland
  3. Castles, Castles, and more Castles
  4. Kylemore and Connemara
  5. The Cliffs of Insanity!
  6. The Loop Around the Dingle Peninsula
  7. Searching for the Best Guinness in Dublin
  8. 6 Hotels in 7 Nights! Part 1
  9. 6 Hotels in 7 Nights! Part 2
  10. Ireland’s Fine Eats – Part 1
  11. Ireland’s Fine Eats – Part 2

Doing minimal research once again, we relied on our old friend, Rick Steves, to navigate us through the Dingle Peninsula.

In the morning, we drove down Conor Pass to the city of Dingle.  The fog was rolling in but it was still beautiful.

Once we reached the city of Dingle, the true loop around Dingle Peninsula began.  For the majority of the time, the ocean was on our left and the green rolling hills and valleys were on our right.  The sun came out, and it was utterly breathtaking.

I could live in one of these houses!

It just kept getting more and more beautiful the further we drove around the Dingle Peninsula Loop.  We also learned from Rick Steves that “Far and Away” was filmed here (back before we all knew that Tom Cruise was crazy).

Towards the end of the loop, we visited a 12th century church known as Kilmalkedar.  According to Rick Steves, there is a hole in an ogham stone  in the front of the church through which a married couple can touch each other’s thumbs in order to renew their vows.