For our singular whole day in Dublin, Mr. Selfish and I decided to find the best pint of Guinness in Dublin.  It was all for the sake of science!

Ireland Trip Report

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  3. Castles, Castles, and more Castles
  4. Kylemore and Connemara
  5. The Cliffs of Insanity!
  6. The Loop Around the Dingle Peninsula
  7. Searching for the Best Guinness in Dublin
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  10. Ireland’s Fine Eats – Part 1
  11. Ireland’s Fine Eats – Part 2

In search of the perfect “black stuff,” we drank pints at six locations:  (1) Guinness Storehouse, (2) The Stag’s Head, (3) Grogans, (4) The Palace Bar, (5) Davey Byrne’s, and (6) Kehoe’s.  We were looking for a consistent and creamy flavor in our pints of Guinness, and ambiance of the pub is also a consideration.  We used a ten-point scale rating system, one being the lowest and ten being the highest.

1.  We started at Gravity Bar, which is the bar at the top of the Guinness Storehouse with the 360 views of Dublin.  Admission to the Storehouse was 16.50 euros per person, but if you buy the tickets online, it is only 14.85 euros.

Although the public is not allowed to tour the brewery, the Storehouse is a self-guided tour through six floors concerning all things Guinness.  Mr. Selfish and I have been on several brewery tours, and they are all pretty much the same.  The Storehouse was actually quite interesting because it provided a brief overview of the brewing process but also went into depth about the history, marketing, and branding of Guinness.

Notably, admission into the Storehouse included a pint of Guinness at the Gravity Bar.  If you want more than one pint, it costs an extra 5 euros.

Verdict:  The Guinness was quite fresh and flavorful but the Gravity Bar was way too crowded with clamoring tourists.

Score:  8.5

2.  Next, we decided to go to The Stag’s Head.  The price of a pint was 4.60 euros.  The Stag’s Head is an authentic Victorian bar with a beautiful wooden bar.

Verdict:  The Guinness was fresh and delicious, and the ambiance was the best by far.  I love a nice traditional wooden bar.

Score:  9.5

3.  Then, we went to Grogans to enjoy our next pint of Guinness.  The pint cost 4.60 euros, and it was really flavorful.  However, the ambiance was quite lackluster.

Verdict:  Although the Guinness was tasty and flavorful, the ambiance left something to be desired.

Score: 8.0

4.  Fourth, we wandered over to The Palace Bar for our next pint, which cost 4.60 euros.  The Palace Bar was also an older Victorian bar.  Unfortunately, the pint was a little watered down.

Verdict:  Although the ambiance was good, the pint was not as fresh.

Score:  7.5

5.  We also tried a pint of Guinness at Davey Byrnes.  This bar was in the middle of a touristy area but it was quite cute.  The pint cost 4.75 euros.  Mr. Selfish says that I shouldn’t judge based on this, but Davey Byrnes was blasting awesome 80’s music.  I was rocking out AND enjoying a pint of Guinness.

Verdict:  Good pint, good music.  What’s not to like?

Score:  8.5

6.  Lastly, we stumbled over to Kehoe’s for our last Guinness.  The pint cost 4.80 euros.  It was a little crowded when we went but the bartenders were very friendly.  The pint was fresh but not as tasty as some of the other pubs.

Verdict:  We liked Kehoe’s but it wasn’t the best tasting pint of Guinness in Dublin.

Score:  8.5

FINAL TALLY:  Though it’s true that every Guinness we had in Dublin was quite good, The Stag’s Head is the winner due to its decor, ambiance, and fresh, delicious Guinness.