This is a continuation of our post from yesterday concerning our review of the hotels in Ireland.  Today, we conclude our hotel review with the 3 hotels in Cork, Waterford, and Dublin.

Ireland Trip Report

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  4. Kylemore and Connemara
  5. The Cliffs of Insanity!
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4.  Hayfield Manor in Cork – In Lonely Planet, the review of this hotel stated, “Roll out the red carpet because you’ve arrived!”  Needless to say, I had high expectations for this hotel that were dashed by incompetent staff.

The Hayfield Manor was the splurge hotel of our trip.  Mr. Selfish and I had always wanted to stay in a “manor” and had high expectations – expectations that matched the price, at $207 (and no breakfast, to boot).

This was apparently the lower-end for rooms at the Hayfield Manor, but the girl at the front desk made a mistake and showed us the wrong room.  We were showed a beautiful room with a very large bathroom.  Instead, our room was a much smaller room that was only just adequate compared to that other room.  While in the larger room, I noted that it had conditioner and that our room only had shampoo!

On the plus side, we did have wifi in our room.

I blame Lonely Planet and the incompetent front desk girl.  My conclusion is that Hayfield was overpriced for the room, which did not include breakfast, and was far from city center.  Plus, even though Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, there wasn’t really much to do there.  I would not recommend Hayfield or Cork as stops in Ireland.

5.  Granville Hotel in Waterford – This hotel was located right in downtown Waterford, so it was quite convenient.  The room cost $112.43 and was nice, clean, and cozy.  We also had wifi in our room, and the rate included breakfast.

The breakfast was the most worthwhile part of the Granville.  There was a very large breakfast bar, and you could order a hot breakfast (black and white pudding me please!).  Most notably, their specialty was an organic porridge to which you were supposed to add Bailey’s or whiskey.  There’s some sort of Irish joke there, but suffice to say it was delicious!

The Granville was a conveniently located hotel with a very good breakfast. However, as far as Waterford goes, there isn’t much to do there unless you are into Waterford crystal, which Mr. Selfish and I are not.  I would recommend the hotel but not necessarily Waterford as a city to visit.

6.  Aerial House in Dublin – We stayed at this bed and breakfast, which was a little outside of center center.  However, it was only about a 2 minute walk to the train, which was quite convenient.  Our room, which cost $179.94 for two nights, was quaint and clean.

Our room had wifi but you had to re-enter in the login information and password every single time you switched off your device.  This was an annoyance but at least, there was wifi.

The breakfast was filling and delicious.  There was, once again, a breakfast bar and a hot breakfast at your option.  Also, the downstairs area had a piano and was constantly replenished with treats, such as cookies, biscuits, and other pastries.

While the location was not ideal, the breakfast (especially their endless home-made scones), and bedding more than made up for it.  We would definitely recommend staying at Aerial House if you visit Dublin!

Here’s the summary of our hotel stays in Ireland: