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I spent the summer of 2000 at Christ College in Cambridge University.  It was the summer between my junior and senior year, and I had won a scholarship to study British literature.  The trip to Cambridge was the first time I had ever traveled on my own.  Somehow, I managed the flight, the train, and the bus required to get to Cambridge.  It was a magical summer – I discovered cider for the first time, studied Jane Austen in Bath, and made wonderful friends.

Mr. Selfish and I went to Cambridge as our first day trip from London.  Of course, we started at my old stomping grounds – Christ College.

Next, we went on a punting tour for 12.50 pounds per person.  A punt is similar to a gondola but is propelled by a pole instead of an oar.  The starting price was 20 pounds a person.  Good thing we negotiated down to the “regular” price!

It was then tea time.  We enjoyed cream tea and a salad from Auntie’s Tea Shop. The scone was quite delicious, and Mr. Selfish decided that we need to hunt down the best scones in London.

We next explored the beautiful King’s College.  A student took us into the college for free as her guest.  Mr. Selfish thought she was trying to sell us something but she was just being nice so that we wouldn’t have to pay admission.

We also took a leisurely stroll along the Backs, which are the gardens by the river behind various colleges.

Finally, it was time for some museums.  We went to the University Museum of Zoology and the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.  Both were small museums shocked full of interesting tidbits and exhibits.  Unfortunately, because we had strolled around so much, we only had about 30 minutes in each museum before closing time.

Cambridge was indeed as lovely as I remembered.