In May of this year, Mr. Selfish and I spent about three days in Copenhagen.  Prior to planning this trip, I had no idea what was in Copenhagen – except for the Little Mermaid.

During my research, I discovered that Copenhagen has quite a few attractions and museums.  I also learned that one could buy a Copenhagen Card for three days for about $80 USD per person.  The Card covered about 70 museums and attractions, as well as the metro and the bus.  It seemed quite pricey but as I continued my research, I found that everything in Copenhagen is expensive (for instance a draft beer is close to $9).  I did the math and decided to buy the Card.

On Day 1, we went to the Danish Design Centre and Tivoli.  Both would have cost $25 per person without the Copenhagen Card.

On Day 2, we went to the Christiansborg Slot (including the ruins), the Theatre Museum, the Round Tower, the Ny Carlsberg Glptotek, and a canal tour, all of which would have cost $55 per person without the Copenhagen Card.

On our final day in Copenhagen, we went to the Church of Our Savior, the Charlottenborg Palace, the Amalienborg Palace, and the Rosenborg Slot.  The total per person would have been $122 without the Copenhagen Card.

We also took the bus and metro a total of 13 times each.  In total, it would have cost me and Mr. Selfish $173 per person for our time in Copenhagen.  Instead, we paid the $82 for the Copenhagen Card and saved $92 per person for a grand total of $184 in savings!  Thank you Copenhagen Card!