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As I’ve mentioned previously, I spent the summer of 2000 in the UK.  During that time, I enjoyed many a pints of an Irish ale called Caffrey’s.  I came back to the States and started looking for it immediately.  I enjoyed a couple of pints of Caffrey’s at the Green Leafe, which is a bar on William & Mary’s campus.

Unfortunately, in 2001, Coors acquired the rights to distribute Caffrey’s in the States and decided to cease its distribution.  Apparently, Coors thought Caffrey’s would interfere with its marketing of Killian’s, its other Irish ale.

After finding out that Caffrey’s was still sold in the UK, Mr. Selfish and I knew we had to track down pints of what had become mythical Irish ale to me.  We discovered that Caffrey’s was sold at O’Neill’s, which is an Irish themed pub and restaurant chain.  The atmosphere is a little too polished for my tastes, but I didn’t care much since I wanted my Caffrey’s.

Outside of O’Neill’s, a bouncer was checking people for identification.  Mr. Selfish managed to walked in, but the bouncer stopped me and asked for identification. Apparently, I look like I’m 17 years-old, since the drinking age in England is 18.

In any case, I got to enjoy my Caffrey’s and it was as caramel-y and delicious as I remembered.  We only have a week left in London so I need to enjoy a few more pints before we leave!