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Mr. Selfish and I were fortunate to have many beautiful sunny days in London.  We therefore explored the many, many parks around the city.

Regent’s Park – One of the first things we learned was not to sit in the green and white lawn chairs.  Apparently, once your butt touches the seat, you owe the park 1.5 pounds. We learned this the hard way when a man in a bright yellow vest came up to us demanding money.  We should have noticed that the older ladies near us had sprinted out of the chairs as soon as the man approached us.  However, we only had a 20 pound note and the vest guy didn’t have any change.  After he found a group of about ten people to harass for money, he left us alone (aka we ran off).

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens – Mr. Selfish and I found Hyde Park to be very relaxing and peaceful.  Once I discovered that the Princess Di Memorial Fountain and Kensington Palace were nearby, I had to see them.  Both were, unfortunately, not too impressive.  On the other hand, Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial were very nice.  I may have had low expectations as well.

Green Park and St. James Park – We went to both of these parks since we attended the changing of the guards ceremony, which starts around 11:15am.  We got there about 20 minutes early, and it was still swamped.  I would recommend getting there at least an hour early if you want a premium spot for viewing.  Mr. Selfish and I were waaaaaay on the outskirts and only really saw the guards as they were leaving the ceremony. Nevertheless, both parks were lovely, and we lounged about on the grass (and still did not sit in those lawn chairs) after the ceremony was finished.