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Mr. Selfish and I discovered another cost-efficient way to spend an afternoon – browsing the markets.  From foodie heaven to antiques to alternative clothing, London has the market for you.

1.  Borough Market – Mr. Selfish and I could eat every day at this market.  Not only was the variety tremendous, but everything was fresh.  By far, the very best food stall at this market is Kappacasein, which sells the most delectable grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had.  Other yummy delights were from Pieminister for Cornwall pasties, Northfield Kitchen for salt beef sandwiches, and the Guildable Manor for their mixed grill sandwich.  Although there is very limited seating, you can always grab your food and head to the area in front of the Southwark Cathedral to nibble down.

2.  Portobello Road Market – This market is located in Notting Hill and is the market featured prominently in the film of same name.  It is touted as the largest antique market in the world, and it indeed sells a lot of antiques and other random items.  There were also some food stalls (to Mr. Selfish’s delight).  As long as I keep him satiated with food, I can browse freely.  We also found the book store filmed as the Travel Book Shop in the film, but couldn’t find Hugh Grant.

3.  Camden Market – This market is for hipsters and the “alternative” crowd, so of course, there are also good food stalls.  We enjoyed the pie and mash the most.  The other food was okay (especially after eating at Borough Market).  This market sells mostly clothes, and I even purchased two shirts (though they weren’t very hipster).

That’s it for markets!  If you’re ever in London on the weekend make sure to visit one (or more).  They’re a great place for free sights, sounds, and smells and good cheap eats!