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Mr. Selfish and I are all about the bargains and deals, especially when you’re in an expensive city like London.  I’ve already gone over the 2 for 1 deals, as well as the free parks, museums, and markets available for lounging, learning, and browsing in London.

1.  Shakespeare Globe Theatre – You can buy tickets to any show for 5 pounds.  Mr. Selfish and I watched “Taming of the Shrew.”  For a 5 pounds ticket, you have to stand in the Yard for the entire performance and are subject to the elements since it is uncovered.  But hey, it’s 5 pounds.  What other performance can you see for 5 pounds in London?  Not much.

Aside from the standing and being subject to the elements, the view from the Yard is the best in the Globe.  You can see everything clearly and the actors direct their voices toward you.  Another plus is that you can bring in food and drinks (in plastic containers) to enjoy during the performance.  It’s a bargain at 5 pounds!

2.  Groupon UK – Mr. Selfish and I signed up for Groupon UK while still in Orlando. We purchased a Groupon for a vintage photo shoot for 20 pounds.  The photo shoot was for 2 people and was supposed to last 3-4 hours with hair, make-up, and complimentary drinks.  You only get two photographs from the Groupon, so I figured that they would try to up sell us.

These are the two photos that were included with our Groupon.  Otherwise, another photo would have cost 60 pounds, and the entire photo shoot cost a cool 1,500 pounds. There was even a payment plan where you could make monthly payments since the prices were so outrageous.  Mr. Selfish and I only got our two included photos and enjoyed the complimentary sangrias.  Afterward, Mr. Selfish took some pictures of me all dolled up.

3.  Lastminute.com – This is another good site for cheap deals.  Mr. Selfish and I bought one hour Thai massages for 20 pounds.  Otherwise, the cheapest we found was 35 pounds for an hour (and that was in China town).  Yay for cheap massages (well as cheap as they get in London)!