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I had always regretted not visiting the Lake District in the U.K. during the summer of my study abroad at Cambridge.  Mr. Selfish and I accordingly spent three lovely nights in the Lake District.  We stayed at Windermere for a night and then spent two evenings in Keswick.  The Lakes were definitely everything that I thought they would be – absolutely beautiful.

As soon as we arrived in Windermere, we made our way to the Orrest Head in order to enjoy the sunset.  It was only 423 feet up and very easy to climb.  We saw lots of sheep and cows on the way up happily grazing about.

The views were definitely worth the easy hike.  The sun had just started to set, and the skies were lit up with so many different colors.  It was hard to not take hundreds of photographs of the view.

We stayed the night at a little bed and breakfast called The Hideaway.  It was quite quaint, and who doesn’t love cake and tea in the afternoon?

The next day, we took a short walk around Lake Windermere known as the Millerground and Adelaide Hill walk.  However, after the Orrest Head, it was underwhelming.  Also, it didn’t help that it was dreary and raining.