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After staying in Windermere for one night, Mr. Selfish and I went to Keswick, which is deep within the Lake District.

We decided to climb the Catbells, which is a 1,480 feet tall fell.  From the top, you can get a wonderful view of Derwent Lake.  It is a rather steep and sometimes slippery climb, but definitely worth hiking.

Per our usual custom, Mr. Selfish continued the climb to the top, and I read my Kindle .  I also took some photos with my camera on self-timer.

The shots by Mr. Selfish from the top are much better – I assure you.

By the time Mr. Selfish came down, the storms started rolling in.  We quickly made our way down – even though we stopped to take a few more photos.

Alfred Wainwright stated the following about the popularity of the Catbells:

“It is one of the great favourites, a family fell where grandmothers and infants can climb the heights together, a place beloved. Its popularity is well deserved, its shapely topknott attracts the eye offering a steep but obviously simple scramble.”
I don’t know about grandmothers and infants climbing the whole mile up the Catbells, but it was certainly pretty.