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On our final day in Keswick, we decided to take a stroll around Lake Derwent.  It is an 8-mile walk but there are launches (aka ferries) along the way that can take you back to the beginning if you get tired.  So, I figured that we could make it.

Unfortunately, it was a dreary and rainy day.  The views were nice but I imagine that a sunny day would have been ideal.  We started at the Theatre on the Lake in Keswick and immediately arrived at Friar’s Crag.

We walked on and reached Calfclose Bay.  We could see the Catbells, which Mr. Selfish had just hiked the previous day, from afar.  We then made our way to Ashness Gate.

After about two and a half hours, we started to get famish.  We stopped at the Lodore Falls hotel for lunch and afternoon tea.

After rejuvenating at lunch, we figured that we would walk a little way to the next launch spot and take the launch back to Keswick.  We then encountered a long platform stretching over swampy fields.

Then, we ran into some locals and asked them about the launch schedule.  They told us that the launch was probably still running but that we could make it back to Keswick quite easily.  At this point, Mr. Selfish decided to look at the launch schedule online and discovered that we had missed the last launch.   We had to pick up the pace since we were starting to lose the light.

We walked past Low and High Brandelhow, as well as Hawes End.  Mr. Selfish and I had walked 6 miles around Lake Derwent and had 2 more miles to go.  It wasn’t looking so hot for us.

Luckily, we ran into those locals again in a car and they drove us back to Keswick. Yay for really nice  Brits!  We would’ve made it back but it wouldn’t have been pretty since it was getting more muddy and darker as we trekked on.  These people are awarded the honor of being the nicest people we’ve met on this trip!