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The city center of Zurich has three beautiful churches – Grossmunster (Great Church), Fraumunster (Church of Our Lady), and St. Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church).

I can’t decide whether I like them better at dusk, night, or daytime, so you can judge for yourself.

First is Grossmunster with its two towers that you can see all the way from Lake Zurich.   It is a Romanesque-style Protestant church, which was allegedly founded by Charlemagne.  Recent archaeological evidence has proven that it is the oldest of the three churches in Zurich’s city center.  Although Grossmunster is lovely at dusk and night time, the benefit of daytime is that you can climb one of the towers.  The views from the top are quite nice.

The second church is Fraumunster, which is an abbey founded in 853 by Louis the German, Charlemagne’s grandson.  The abbey has five large stain glass windows that each depict a Christian story.  Unfortunately, no photographs were allowed inside.

Finally, the third church is St. Peterskirche, which is a much smaller church than the other two.  It is also a Romanesque church founded around the 8th or 9th century.  Interestingly,  the church’s steeple is owned by the city of Zurich, while the nave is owned by the St. Peter parish of the Swiss Reformed Church.  I found St. Peterskirche to be quite charming, and you could take photographs inside!

What do you think?  Are the churches more beautiful at dusk, night, or daytime?  I would recommend you visit Zurich yourself and find out.