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Mr. Selfish and I have been frequenting the 4th Arrondissement. Not only is the beautiful Notre Dame located there but there is also lots of good and cheap food in this arrondissement.

First, we absolutely adore the falafels from L’As Du Fallafel. They are cheap and delicious! The falafels themselves are plentiful and tasty. Plus, the julienne veggies and the thick chunks of eggplant give the wrap a delicious flavor. They also make them spicy, which pleases my palette. If you’re looking for a cheap and fast eat in this area, you can’t go wrong with L’As Du Fallafel – after all, the sign states that Lenny Kravitz recommends it!

Second, there is a crepe shop just down the way from L’As Du Fallafel. I don’t know the name of it but the shop is a light color blue. We had a cheese crepe that was perfectly cooked so that the cheese melted and became a crispy shell of deliciousness. I used to love the sweet crepes but this little shop may have turned me into a savory crepe lover.

Finally, there is a Berthillon ice cream shop also in the 4th Arrondissement.  The first Berthillon shop opened in 1954 and they’ve been selling amazing ice cream and sorbet ever since.  Its ice creams are made from milk, sugar, cream, and eggs only and contain no preservatives, artificial sweeteners.  They are also utterly delicious.  At this store in the 4th, Mr. Selfish and I tried the salted butter caramel and the chocolate with nuts and praline.  Both were quite tasty!

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