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Since Mr. Selfish and I have been in Paris for more than three weeks, we’ve walked past the Panthéon in the Latin Quarter many a times. We waited for a sunny day in order to climb it and enjoy the view of the city. That sunny day came, and we purchased our 8.5 euro tickets to the Panthéon.

In 1744, King Louis XV decided that the Panthéon should be built in Paris and modeled after the Patheon in Rome. Due to financial issues, the building wasn’t finished until 1790.

In 1791, the building was changed from a church to a mausoleum. The Panthéon is the burial place of many famous French men and women, including Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Jean Moulin, and Marie Curie. The entrance to the crypts are downstairs.

Lastly, Mr. Selfish and I sought to climb the tower for the amazing views of Paris about which we had heard.  Unfortunately, an attendant informed us that the tower was closed for renovations.

We still enjoyed the Panthéon but I do feel ripped off. There were no signs that the tower was closed. As a result, Mr. Selfish and I learned a valuable lesson – prior to buying ticket for a sight with a tower, make sure that the tower is open.

We could only take solace in visiting Saint-Étienne-du-Mont, which is the beautiful church next door.

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