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Mr. Selfish and I enjoy Woody Allen films immensely. We watched “Midnight in Paris” in the theaters prior to listening to any of the hype. We loved it. Since being in Paris, we’ve recently re-watched it and found it to be just as charming as our first viewing.

However, I do have a point of contention with the film – the dialogue during the last scene in which Gil (Owen Wilson) and Gabrielle are walking on Pont Alexander III and discuss how Paris is the “most beautiful in the rain.”

Gabrielle: Actually, Paris is the most beautiful in the rain.
Gil: I feel that’s what I’m always saying. I couldn’t agree more with you. Yes, it is more beautiful.

I feel that I have first-hand knowledge concerning Paris in the rain since it has rained for many, many a days since we started living here.  I even took photographs of Pont Alexander III, which is between the 7th and 8th Arrondissements, to compare whether Paris is indeed the most beautiful in the rain.

The Rain:

The Sunshine:

It’s hard to say – I must admit that Paris is beautiful in both the rain and the sunshine. However, I certainly enjoy not getting wet while in the sunshine.

What do you think?

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