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Having lived in Orlando for over 7 years, Mr. Selfish and I spent many a days at Disney World. We love all four parks and went quite frequently since most of the time we had some sort of annual or seasonal pass. Disney World is definitely one of the main things that we miss from Orlando, so we decided to go to all of the other Disney parks in the world during our selfish year.

I will review Disneyland Paris (DLP) in two posts. This first post will discuss the general layout of DLP and provide overall impressions. The next post will focus on the individual rides.

I loved all of the Halloween decorations at DLP. Everything was very festive and decorated perfectly for family fun.

Also, DLP was pretty empty in comparison to Disney World. It seemed like the park was at 1/4 capacity or less. Normally, less people would be a good thing but it also meant that half of the restaurants were shut down. Mr. Selfish and I had been craving bad Tex-Mex but to no avail – “Le restaurant est fermé.”

DLP is actually divided into two separate parks – Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Park. Disneyland is akin to Magic Kingdom, and the Studios is similar to Hollywood Studios. However, the theming for the Studios was not nearly as good as Disneyland (or Hollywood Studios). It was quite lackluster, and there weren’t many rides. If Mr. Selfish and I hadn’t agreed to visit every Disney park in the world, we would not have gone to the Studios in Paris. The only good thing I can say about the Studios is that it is only a 5-minute walk from Disneyland.

We also noted that two of the big rides at the Studios were experiencing technical difficulties. First, we were in line for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coasterwith Aerosmith and the ride shut down. The odd thing about the layout for the ride is that the control booth is right next to the line, so you can see all of the technicians freaking out about not knowing what is wrong about the ride. In other words, you could see the man behind the curtain, and it wasn’t pleasant. The second ride that was shut down was Crush’s Coaster, which we don’t even have in Orlando.

Tomorrow, I will discuss the rides on which we went and compare them to their counterparts in Orlando.