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Prior to taking this trip, I started following David Lebovitz’s blog. He is a renowned pastry chef, who worked with Alice Waters and has published several dessert books. Mr. Selfish and I have taken to heart many of his recommendations. I also read his book “The Sweet Life in Paris,” and discovered that he lives in the Bastille area in the 11th Arrondissenment.

When Mr. Selfish and I decided to explore Bastille, I secretly hoped that we would run into him at the market perusing the fresh veggies. We had no such luck, but I still enjoyed the Bastille area. Of course, the Opera Bastille and the iconic Bastille memorial is in the 11th Arrondissement. The selection at the Bastille market was also quite diverse.

The Bastille Market had a good selection of fresh fruits and veggies and ready-to-eat food. It was fun seeing the different items in season. We also saw lots of seafood and cheese stands.

We also had delicious crepes for lunch.  We had a savory ham and cheese galette, as well as a sweet chestnut and banana crepe.

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