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Mr. Selfish and I went to Notre Dame in the 4th Arrondissement many times during our stay in Paris. Not only because we found it beautiful but because everyone who came to visit wanted to see it – not that I blame them. It is lovely. This post is dedicated to Notre Dame.

The inside is equally epic and beautiful.

You can also walk all around Notre Dame for different views. I enjoy the views from the side, as well as the back where there is a quaint park.

You can also walk along the river and get different views of it. You can do a little shopping as well since there are little booths selling all sorts of knickknacks and art.

Apparently, there is a new “tradition” whereby you place a lock on a bridge, throw the key into the river, and make some sort of wish. Prior to realizing that there was pollution involved, I enjoyed the lock which stated, “Two Drifters Out to See the World.” It made me think of me and Mr. Selfish’s year-long adventure.

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