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Mr. Selfish and I lived in Florida for over eight years. We went to Miami twice during that time. During our first trip, it was August and crazy hot. As a result, our second trip was during February. Not only is the beach not crowded but I find it much more tranquil in cooler weather. I don’t have to swim in the beach to enjoy it.

South Beach is known for its happy hour specials, and we definitely partook of some of those specials. We also went to an outdoor concert that was projected on the wall of the New World Symphony. It was a short concert but free and enjoyable!

Then, we decided to have a few more drinks.  However, when we tried to get into the Delano Hotel, they turned us away, because I was wearing jeans. Mind you, Mr. Selfish was also wearing jeans, but it only mattered that I was wearing jeans. The woman at the door asked that I change and come back. I was pretty insulted so I did in fact change and come back to have a drink or two.

The best thing about Miami is the food. Since we are currently in Europe, we are craving authentic Latin food. The Cuban food in Miami can’t be beat. First, we went to Las Olas Cafe, which was recommended by Anthony Bourdain. We enjoyed the ropa vieja, the oxtail stew, and tres leche with chocolate on top. Everything was delicious!

The next day, we ate at Versailles, which is an institution in Little Havana. We drank cafe con leches, ate more ropa vieja, and enjoyed some Cuban sandwiches.

I would go back to Miami just for the delicious Cuban food!