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I fondly remember the cartoons and comics of Asterix and Obliex from my childhood. When I learned that there was a Parc Asterix near Paris, I knew that we would check it out.

The price of the park was 24 euros per person if purchased 7 days in advance. This advanced purchase saved 9 euros per person. Although I thought this was a good deal originally, the day that we chose ended up having horrible weather. It was in the 40’s and literally hailing right before we left for the park.

The other problem was that it was All Saint’s Day, which is right in the middle of a two week school vacation. As a result, the park was absolutely packed. This was my fault since I randomly picked the day without realizing it was a national holiday.

Yet, despite all of this griping, I did find the park to be quite well-themed and charming. I love Asterix and Obelix after all. It was just cold, rainy, and way tooooo crowded. Plus, we arrived at the park a little later than anticipated so we lost the light after standing in line for one or two rides. I wish I had taken more photos while the sun was sort of out.

We stood in line for the new Egyptian themed roller coaster. The line was estimated to be about 90 minutes. Lucky for us, the line was actually 70 minutes long. Even though the line was looooooong, the roller coaster itself was actually pretty good. It was smooth, had lots of inversions, and lasted for a good amount of time. Moreover, the queue was well-themed, which I appreciated (after the lackluster queues in Disneyland Paris).

The park was also decorated for Halloween. Unlike Disneyland Paris, it was decorated scarily. There were guys with chainsaws chasing scared girls and zombie looking women looming among the crowds.

The rest of the time it was dark and rainy, so I didn’t take many other photos. Next time, we’ll go to Parc Asterix on a sunny day that is not a national holiday. I promise to take more photos!