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Mr. Selfish and I lived only two metro stops away from the red light district of Paris in Montmartre. Of course, we walked around to enjoy the ambiance. Moulin Rouge also happens to be one of my favorite movies of all times. I still love the elaborate singing and dancing sequences with the shaky cam feel.

My cousin, who used to live in Paris, also recommended the Museum of Eroticism. Mr. Selfish and I checked it out. It was a rather large museum spanning over five floors. There were lots of pieces of erotic art, some instructional videos, and an entire floor dedicated to Parisian brothels. It was an entertaining museum, but most of the photographs that I took are not family appropriate.

Other than the seedy shops, there are also lots of restaurants in Montmartre. Mr. Selfish and I found a cocktail bar called Bistrot Martyrs where the ambiance is nice and the drinks were pretty strong.

Finally, there is also good ethnic food in the 18th Arrondissement. We had delicious couscous and tangine at La Petit Bleu. The restaurant is tiny but worth the wait. The food is plentiful and outstanding.

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