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In 2008, Mr. Selfish and I took a trip to Budapest and Prague. We started in Budapest and then took a train to Prague. Budapest was a delightful city where the currency is cheap and there aren’t many tourists.

In particular, Mr. Selfish and I loved the Hungarian baths and the Budapest opera house. No photos were allowed in the baths, but they were grand and relaxing. As for the opera house, Mr. Selfish and I purchased tickets for a private booth right next to the king’s box for very cheap. We never had such great seats for the opera, but it was too bad that the opera was in Italian and the translation was in Hungarian. I couldn’t tell what was going on most of the time!

We also wandered around old town and happened upon the Parliament Building, as well as St. Stephen’s Basilica.  We then headed to Castle Hill to visit the Royal Palace.

Lastly, we enjoyed the Hungarian fare, especially goulash. In addition, we had some amazing duck.

I definitely want to return to Budapest, but I would like to go during the spring as opposed to the winter. The snow was quite brutal.