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The beautiful Palais Garnier is in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris. It is the opulent opera house of Paris. Mr. Selfish and I looked into going to an opera but the prices were outrageous. Instead, we just walked by and admired.

But, the main reason that we kept coming back to the 9th was because Le Petit Tokyo is there. When we were sick of French food, we ate ramen and udon to our heart’s content. We went to three restaurants in particular and found each of them to be respectable.

First, at Higuma, we enjoyed gyozas and the shio and syoyu ramen, which was called “lamen.” The broth was tasty, and it hit the spot since we were craving ramen. I also liked the demonstration kitchen because the chefs really seemed to enjoy their cooking stations.

Next, we went to Sapporo, which is also known for its ramen. This time, we tried some fried rice, because we love the pickled veggies that come with it. We also had the shio ramen but branched out and ordered the shio butter corn ramen. The butter corn ramen came with a dab of butter and was quite delicious!

Finally, we ate at Kunitoraya, which is known for its udon. I had the traditional udon with tempura shrimp and veggies, which I found to be a little bland. Mr. Selfish had the beef curry udon, which he really enjoyed. This was the most popular restaurant of the three we visited and had a line waaaay out the door. Unfortunately, it was the least successful.

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