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Mr. Selfish and I went all the way out to the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in the 15th Arrondissement to attend the Salon du Chocolat. It is billed as the largest chocolate event in the world. How could we resist?

It is an exhibition of all things chocolate. There were so many chocolate samples – lots and lots of samples. It was amazing. I never thought that I could get sick of chocolate but I actually did get a little sick of it toward the end.

There were also chocolate demonstrations, chocolate art, a chocolate fashion show, and a musical performance from Madagascar.

It was quite a chocolate-y event. Surprisingly, the thing that Mr. Selfish and I enjoyed the most was a foie gras sandwich. I’m not sure if we were just craving something savory toward the end, but the sandwich was delicious. The foie gras was cooked on the grill, and a fig sauce was added to finish it off. It was amazing and had absolutely nothing to do with chocolate.

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