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Other than being a mostly residential area, the 13th Arrondissement has the largest Chinatown in Paris. Mr. Selfish and I shopped at a grocery store in Chinatown during our first Sunday in Paris since all of the other grocery stores were closed at the time. Of course, we also sampled some Asian food in the area.

The most memorable meal we had was at Lao Lane Xang, which is primarily a Laotian restaurant. In fact, this restaurant is so good that there are two on the same street – right across the street from one another. Despite having two locations on the same street, we still waited for about 45 minutes for a table on a Thursday night.

I assure you that the food was worth the wait. We ordered the Laotian appetizer platter, rice crepes made with coconut milk, basil duck, and the larb. Larb is the national dish of Laos and is typically made with fish sauce, lime juice,  roasted ground rice and fresh herbs. It was divine! I highly recommend Lao Lane Xang if you visit Paris.

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