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Mr. Selfish and I had our best meal in Paris in the 17th Arrondissement at Le Relais de Venise. The line outside is always ridiculously long and they don’t take reservations, but it’s worth of the wait.

They only serve one entree – steak frites. As a result, the only question that the waitress asks you is how you want your steak cooked since it is the only entree on the menu. “Medium” is always my answer. Although steak frites seems very simple, the green herb sauce in which the steak is drenched is crazily addictive. Also, they serve your meal in two separate servings to ensure that the meat stays warm, so don’t disparage when that initial serving seems small. It will be doubled and fill you up.

The meal also comes with a salad with a delightful nut and mustard dressing. We also had a delicious chocolate cake for dessert, but you might not have room after the healthy steak frites serving.

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