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My aunt graciously invited me to visit her in Nantes, France. I gladly took the two hour train from Paris to get to know my aunt better and see the beautiful city of Nantes.

Nantes is located in the Brittany area of France, which is the western corner of France. In 2004, Nantes was rated as the “most liveable city in Europe” by Times magazine. It was indeed a very liveable and lovely city.

First, my aunt took me to the Château des ducs de Bretagne (Castle of the Dukes of Brittany). It was the residence of the Dukes of Brittany between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Château des ducs de BretagneInside the ChateauMrs. Selfish and AuntLeaving the Chateau

Then, we went next door to the Cathédrale Saint Pierre, which is a Gothic Roman cathedral. Construction on it began in 1434 but did not finish until 1891. Inside is the tomb of Francis II, Duke of Brittany, and his wife. Note that their dog is also commemorated on the tomb.

Cathédrale Saint PierreTomb of Francis II, Duke of Brittany Inside the CathédraleStatues

We then went for a hot chocolate break at a neat little cafe. The space was formerly the manufacturing plant for Biscuits Lu and was converted into a cafe after the plant shut down.

Old Biscuit Lu Manufacturing PlantThe Cafe in the Former Lefevre-Utile biscuit factoryInside the CafeHot Chocolate

Finally, we went to the Jardin des Plantes to enjoy the autumn leaves and scenery.

Jardin des PlantesLeaves and DucksGreenhouseJules Verne and a Fountain

It was a lovely visit to Nantes. The next day, my aunt took me on a little driving tour through Brittany, which I’ll cover in tomorrow’s post.