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Mr. Selfish and I took a day trip from Nice, France to Monaco. It was a simple and cheap twenty-minute train ride from Nice. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. The following photos are our first views of Monaco as we left the train station. Right away, I knew it was going to be a good day.

Monaco 01 Monaco 02

I had found tips on how to make the most of Monaco on a tight budget, and lo and behold, we only paid about 20 euros for our entire day trip there. First, we did a walking tour of old town, and as you know, self-guided walking tours are always free.

Mr. Selfish and I started at the Place d’Armes and ate at the little indoor market. I had read that this market was where the locals ate, and the prices confirmed it. A glass of wine was 1.50 euros! It was a little too early for us to start drinking so we had socca at Chez Roger instead. Socca is a specialty of the area and is a savory chickpea flour crepe. It’s quite simple but you need to eat it fresh and with a dash of black pepper.

Monaco 03 Monaco 04 Monaco 05

After this brief delicious detour, we headed up the Rampe Majeure toward the Prince’s Palace. We didn’t go into the Palace but the views from it are phenomenal. You can see the Port Hercule harbour from one side and the Port Fontvieille harbor from the other side.

Monaco 06Prince's Palace of Monaco Monaco 09Nice 206Monaco 11Monaco 022 Monaco 12

As we continued our walking tour, we passed the Monaco Cathedral, the Jardins St. Martin, and the Oceanographic Museum. All provided awesome views and free photo ops.

Monaco 15 Monaco 16 Monaco 17Posing Monaco 20The Port

After walking downhill for a bit, we reached the harbor and took a water bus for 1 euro each to Monte Carlo to visit the casinos.

Monaco 21 Monaco 22Nice 300

The casinos of Monte Carlo used to have a strict dress code for entry. But now due to the influx of American tourists, a few of the casinos have become more casual. Thank goodness since Mr. Selfish and I were not dressed in our finest. We gambled a little bit at a slot machine inside the Cafe de Paris and won 16 euros. We quickly cashed out since, with that profit, we had spent hardly any money in Monaco.

Monaco 23 Monaco 24 Monaco 25 Monaco 26

Then, we came upon two surprises in Monaco. The first was a Japanese garden, and the second was a night-time carnival right on the harbor. The carnival had some serious trademark infringement, which we enjoyed while we devoured a waffle.

Monaco 27 Monaco 28 Monaco 29 Monaco 30 Monaco 31

Finally, Mr. Selfish and I had craft beers at the Brasserie de Monaco during its happy hour. Yes, we were quite thrifty in Monaco and definitely made the most of it!

Monaco 32 Monaco 33 Monaco 34