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Mr. Selfish and I really enjoyed Casa Milà, so we decided to go to Casa Batlló as well. It is another apartment building that was remodeled by Gaudi from 1904-06. Although Casa Batlló was a bit flashier, we enjoyed the views from Casa Milà more.

Casa Batllo Gaudi Houses 20

In any case, Casa Batlló was indeed a sight to behold. Its local name is the House of Bones due to the skeletal quality of the building. The roof is reminiscent of a dragon due to its color and arched curve. There used to be a view of La Sagrada Família from the roof but some more recently constructed buildings now block that view.

Gaudi Houses 34Dragon Gaudi Houses 30 Gaudi Houses 33

Inside the building, it seemed as if Gaudi wanted to avoid using any straight lines.

Gaudi Houses 21Fireplace and DoorBlueGaudi Houses 24No Straight Lines Gaudi Houses 25Me

The inside of Casa Batlló was certainly more interesting than the inside of Casa Milà.  Since Mr. Selfish and I are suckers for a view, we enjoyed  Casa Milà more.  Tomorrow, we’ll visit Gaudi’s ultimate architectural achievement – La Sagrada Família.