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Mr. Selfish and I enjoy taking cooking classes during our travels. That way, we can make the recipes at home and reminisce about our trip. Since we were in Barcelona for an entire week, we decided to take a cooking class there.

Barcelona Cooking 07

We divided into four groups with each being designated a course. The five of us (me, Mr. Selfish, his mom and dad, and his sister) handled three of the courses.

Mr. Selfish’s mom and dad made the butternut squash and pear creme with cheese and caramelized hazelnuts. It was savory with a hint of sweetness.

Barcelona Cooking 02SoupBarcelona Cooking 05 Barcelona Cooking 12 Barcelona Cooking 13

In addition, everyone made tomato bread, which we quickly discovered is a specialty of Barcelona cuisine. Basically, you rub tomato and garlic on toasted bread. It’s simple but still delicious with the right fresh ingredients. Also, another couple with whom we were taking the class made the Spanish potato omelette, which was divine. It takes a whole lot of olive oil to make the omelette though, so we’ll see if we ever make it back in the States.

Barcelona Cooking 01Barcelona Cooking 06CookingBarcelona Cooking 14

Mr. Selfish and I jumped at the opportunity of making the seafood paella. It was mostly cutting up veggies and seafood at the beginning, but the fun part began when we got to use the huge paella pan. The paella was delicious with the crunchy bits of rice being the tastiest.

Barcelona Cooking 08 Barcelona Cooking 09 Barcelona Cooking 15 Barcelona Cooking 16

Lastly, Mr. Selfish’s sister made the Catalan cream for dessert. This is Barcelona’s version of the creme brulee, and the main difference is that corn starch is used in the Catalan cream.

Barcelona Cooking 17 Barcelona Cooking 18 Barcelona Cooking 19

We certainly enjoyed our five course meal. I highly recommend Barcelona Cooking if you wish to take a cooking class that specializes in Spanish cuisine.