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Mr. Selfish and I are huge Hayao Miyazaki fans. Miyazaki is a renowned Japanese director. My favorite Miyazaki film is My Neighbor Totoro. So when we decided to go to Tokyo, we knew that we had to go to the Ghibli Museum, which is in a small suburb of Tokyo.


Although no photos were allowed inside, you are allowed to take photos outside. At the entrance, there was a huge Totoro plush. I almost screamed with delight.

Japan 1226 Japan 1229 Japan 1249 Outside

Of course, Mr. Selfish also took a couple of incognito photos inside. I really wanted to hug the Catbus plush but only children are allowed to touch it. We also saw models and concept art, and there were nice large windows with detailed paintings of landscapes from the Ghibli films.

Kiki and Catbus Kyle's iPhone 021 Windows

We purchased a little Mei in a Catbus costume from the giftshop and took the Ghibli bus back to the train station.

Japan 1288 Japan 1291

If you are going to Tokyo and have any interest in Studio Ghibli movies, I would highly recommend stopping by the museum. It is a small museum but packed with all sorts of concept art and models from the movies. They also show a short film that changes frequently and is not viewable outside of the museum. When we were there, we saw Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess, which was very cute.