It was a long drive from Valencia until Malaga, so Mr. Selfish and I decided to stop for a night in Murcia. There wasn’t much to do there but it was good to get out of the car.

First, we went to Monteagudo mountain, on which a Moorish castle sits. The castle was eventually converted to Christianity and an open-arms Jesus statute was placed on the mountain. I read online that you could walk to the top and touch Jesus’s toes, which are bigger than footballs. However, when we went, the path was blocked and looked a little hazardous, so we couldn’t venture to the top.

Malaga 1 Malaga 2 Malaga 3 Malaga 4 Malaga 5

Afterward, Mr. Selfish and I only had time to wander briefly around the city center of Murcia. We saw the Cathedral of Murcia, which was actually very beautiful. We also walked around the main Plaza del Cardenal Belluga.

Malaga 8Malaga 6 Malaga 7Malaga 9

That was our short visit in Murcia. Tomorrow, we’ll go over our day trip to Granada.