Mr. Selfish and I have been in the States since Dec. 16th. We have truly enjoyed our time back “home”. Even though we are technically homeless (since we rented out our house), we consider the States to be home.

It has been wonderful to see so many loved ones and enjoy the comforts of home. I especially loved meeting my adorable three month old nephew for the first time and experiencing Christmas through the eyes of my 3 year-old and 6 year-old nephews. Mr. Selfish and I also appreciated all of the delicious food that everyone has been cooking for us. A home cooked meal with family beats eating out at a restaurant every time.

But tomorrow, it’s all coming to an end. We are continuing our selfish year. We have eight more months and about thirty more cities to go. Here’s the map of our itinerary:

Round 2

Here’s the list of cities for those interested:

  1. Singapore
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. Manila, Philippines
  4. Palawan, Philippines
  5. Cebu, Philippines
  6. Saigon, Vietnam
  7. Dalat, Vietnam
  8. Nha Trang, Vietnam
  9. Hoi An, Vietnam
  10. Da Nang, Vietnam
  11. Siem Reap, Cambodia
  12. Bangkok, Thailand
  13. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  14. Koh Samui, Thailand
  15. Phuket, Thailand
  16. Hong Kong, China
  17. Chengdu, China
  18. Xi’an, China
  19. Shanghai, China
  20. Beijing, China
  21. Seoul, South Korea
  22. Kyoto, Japan
  23. Tokyo, Japan
  24. Sydney, Australia
  25. Melbourne, Australia
  26. Hobart, Australia
  27. Auckland, New Zealand
  28. Los Angeles
  29. San Francisco
  30. New York

We board our flight to Singapore tomorrow. Goodbye everyone! We hope to see you on the other side.