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I didn’t know much about flamenco prior to arriving to Spain. To be honest, I still don’t know that much about it. But we did see it two times while in Spain (once in Seville and once in Madrid), and both were quite enjoyable experiences.

The first time that we saw it was in Seville at La Carbonería. The performances were free, and the food and drinks were cheap and plentiful. We got there early and stayed for two of the performances. On hindsight, we wished we had stayed for more.

Andalusia Spain 537 Andalusia Spain 539 Andalusia Spain 540

I never knew that flamenco was so emotional. I loved the emotions in the singer, guitarist, and dancer. They were so into it (despite the fact that they probably performed every single night).

Andalusia Spain 545Flamenco

The second time we saw it was in Madrid at Restaurante El Cortijo. Our four course dinner was 20 euros each and the performance was included in that price.

Madrid 001 Madrid 008 Madrid 009

The performance in Madrid had one singer, one guitarist, and two flamenco dancers. Although they were very good, I enjoyed the performance in Seville more. I feel that the performers in Seville brought more emotional forward.

Biggie Madrid 004 Biggie Madrid 009 Biggie Madrid 025 Biggie Madrid 040

I would definitely recommend seeing a flamenco show if you get the chance while in southern Spain. Admittedly, I don’t know much about it, but it’s still a great experience.