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Mr. Selfish and I stayed in Málaga for two nights. There wasn’t too much to do, and we were glad for it because the quick traveling was starting to tire us out. We basically walked around, shopped, and ate. It was quite nice and relaxing.

Our hotel was in the perfect location in downtown Málaga. We had a nice view from our window of the cathedral, the Alcazaba, and the water.

Malaga 03Malaga 01 Malaga 02

Our hotel was right next to the cathedral, so we got plenty of good photos of it – at night and during the day.

Malaga 07Church at nightMalaga 08 Church at dayMalaga 11

As we were browsing the shops, we came across a local chicken place. We purchased a chicken with peppers over potatoes. It was greasy but delicious. It was probably one of the cheapest and most delicious meals we had in Europe.

Malaga 13 Malaga 14 Malaga 15Chicken Malaga 18

Finally, we went to the Alcazaba, which is the palatial fortification that was built in the 11th century. Other cities in Spain have their own Alcazaba but the one in Málaga is the most well-preserved.

Malaga 19No Time to Walk Malaga 21 Malaga 24 Malaga 25 Malaga 26Old Stuff Malaga 27 Malaga 29

Málaga was pretty chill – just the way we like it. Tomorrow, we’ll go to Ronda, a quaint little town with magnificent bridges.