Mr. Selfish is in charge of updating the location widgets on this blog. He finds the photos for our “Current Location” and “Next Location” and posts them at the appropriate time. I did not recognize the landmark in the photo he chose for southern Spain. When I asked him about it, he said it looked cool but didn’t know where it was.

Eventually, we figured out that the landmark was from Ronda, which we had not planned on visiting. When I mapped it, I realized that Ronda was in between Málaga and Seville. For the sake of accuracy of our blog, we took a short detour in Ronda.

It was worth the stop because Ronda is beautiful.

Ronda 01One Ronda 04

The bridges over the canyon are particularly scenic. They were built in the late 1700’s, and the tallest bridge is 390 feet above the canyon.

Ronda 05 Ronda 06 Ronda 07 Ronda 08 Ronda 09 Ronda 10 Ronda 11

We also had a lovely lunch in a small family-owned restaurant. It was seven euros for a three course meal, and the view was spectacular!

Ronda 13 Ronda 14 Ronda 15 Ronda 16 Ronda 17 Ronda 18Ronda 12

Ernest Hemingway and Orson Wells spent many summers in Ronda, and I can see why. If you plan on going to southern Spain, you should stop in Ronda.