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Orlando had limited Japanese food offerings. The vast majority of it was sushi, and there was one good ramen place. So, when Mr. Selfish and I went to Japan in 2009, we sampled all sorts of Japanese food.

First, we sampled plenty of udon and ramen. Each time, the broths were so flavorful that you could tell it had been cooked for a looooong time.

Japan 271 Japan 273 Japan 1296 Japan 1299

Mr. Selfish found a Go Go Curry restaurant, at which we enjoyed chicken and pork cutlet with curry and rice. The fun part about this restaurant was that you order and pay at a touch screen machine. The machine gives you a receipt and you hand that over to a person, who then processes your order.

Japan 1378 Japan 1384

We also ate at a yakitori restaurant, which specializes in grilled chicken. I didn’t know that you could grill chicken is so many different and delicious ways.

Japan 160 Japan 161 Japan 163

I loved the wagyu beef we had in Kyoto. It was indeed the most tender and tastiest steak I’ve ever had.

Japan 618Japan 621

Lastly, we had a fancy multiple course meal at Aronia de Takazawa. There was only six of us and we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. While the food was not the most delicious I’ve ever tasted, the presentation certainly was. The chef prepared everything right in front of us, and each course had a unique flair.

Japan 1638Japan 1598 Japan 1601 Japan 1609 Japan 1615 Japan 1620 Japan 1622Japan 1624 Japan 1630Japan 1644IMG_6906

I can’t wait to return to Japan to eat more yummy food!