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When I found out that hot chocolate and churros were a specialty in Spain, I knew that I would be sampling quite a few. Although the hot chocolate in Spain is not as good as the hot chocolate in Paris, the pairing with churros is quite nice.

The first place I tried it was Casa Sampaka in Barcelona. The hot chocolate was very good and dark, but the churros were a bit on the dry side.

Barcelona 314 Barcelona 315 Barcelona 317

Verdict: Although the hot chocolate was on point, the churros left much to be desired.

Score: 6.

The next place we tried was at Casa Aranda in Málaga. This place specializes in hot chocolate and churros, so my expectations were high.

Casa ArandaAndalusia Spain 038 Andalusia Spain 039

Verdict: My expectations were met and exceeded. The hot chocolate was deliciously dark, and the churros were crispy. Mr. Selfish likes his churros a bit sweeter (i.e. covered in sugar).

Score: 8.

We then tried two places in Madrid. The first was San Gines, which is an institution for hot chocolate and churros in Madrid.

Seville and Madrid 307 Seville and Madrid 308 Seville and Madrid 312

Verdict: Once again, the hot chocolate was good but the churros were not as sweet as Mr. Selfish felt they should be.

Score: 7.

Finally, we tried a little outdoor stand in Madrid. These churros were covered in sugar and cinnamon. We found a winner for Mr. Selfish. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the hot chocolate was nearly as good.

Seville and Madrid 468 Seville and Madrid 471 Seville and Madrid 472 Seville and Madrid 474 Seville and Madrid 478

Verdict: Although the churros were the best, the hot chocolate had a weird after taste.

Score: 7.5.

FINAL TALLY: Although Mr. Selfish enjoyed the outdoor stand in Madrid the most, I am writing this blog post and I liked Casa Aranda in Málaga the best. So, Casa Aranda is the winner.