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Mr. Selfish and I only had one evening in Cordoba. We just walked around and admired the sights. It is a lovely city, and we wished that we had more time there.

In fact, the streets were quite nice. And by that, I mean free of dog feces. Mr. Selfish and I got quite used to watching every step we took because, well, the Europeans are not known for picking up after their dogs. But in Cordoba, there was apparently an effort to do so. It was a relief!

The StreetsSeville and Madrid 034

We walked around the outside of the Mezquita at sunset, which was lovely. The Mezquita is another mosque turned cathedral. It was originally built in 786 and is very well-preserved.

Seville and Madrid 076SunsetSeville and Madrid 065 Seville and Madrid 066 Seville and Madrid 073Seville and Madrid 058

We also walked around until we found the Plaza del Cristo de los Faroles, which is a plaza with a big cross.

Seville and Madrid 080Church Seville and Madrid 094Seville and Madrid 120

We wished that we had more time to actually go into the Mezquita. Oh well, there is always next time. Tomorrow, we start our posts in Madrid, in which we spent a week.