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Mr. Selfish and I rented an apartment for a week in Madrid. Although we enjoyed cooking and eating our meals in, we couldn’t resist a few meals out since Madrid had so much to offer.

We discovered our favorite restaurant in Madrid by happen chance. We didn’t discover it through researching at Trip Advisor, Yelp, Chowhound, or any other website. We had walked by it a couple of times and decided to try it out. It was cheap and delicious. It was indeed the Paraiso del Jamon (Paradise of Ham).

Madrid Food 01Madrid Food 09Paradise Madrid Food 12

We obviously enjoyed the ham. We also munched down at the counter to enjoy the counter special – a sandwich and a beer for 3 euros. Our favorite dish was the huevos rotos, which is basically eggs and fries with a meat (we like chorizo) cooked in a skillet. It’s simple but amazing.

Madrid Food 10 Madrid Food 08 Madrid Food 04Madrid Food 02

Mr. Selfish also wanted to take a break from Spanish food, so we tried a Mexican taco place called Taquería Mi Ciudad. It wasn’t quite as good as the tacos from Cancun but I did enjoy the catcus taco.

Madrid Food 13 Madrid Food 14 Madrid Food 15 Madrid Food 16

We also ate a meal at the Market of San Miguel, which is an indoor market. We had croquettes and a fancy pork sausage. Both were quite tasty.

Madrid Food 18 Madrid Food 19 Madrid Food 21Market Madrid Food 22 Madrid Food 23

Finally, we had lunch at Sobrino de Botín, which is supposed to be the oldest restaurant in continuous operation. They are famous for their roasted suckling pig. I found it to be quite tender and juicy. Mr. Selfish was not as impressed and wanted to go to the Paradise of Ham.

Madrid Food 28 Madrid Food 29 Madrid Food 30

While we enjoyed these other restaurants in Madrid, we certainly preferred the Paradise of Ham. In fact, when we had a four hour layover after returning from Marrakech, we took the train all the way into Madrid to eat sandwiches and have beers at the Paradise of Ham.