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At the taxi queue at the Marrakech airport, Mr. Selfish and I attempted to negotiate the fare into town to no avail. None of the cabbies would bargain with us, and all gave us the same price. We had to relent and pay the fare that the cabbie wanted.

When the cabbie dropped us off in the medina, he merely pointed in the general direction of our riad and told us to get out of the car since he couldn’t drive down the alleyway. We had no choice but to start walking in the direction that the cabbie pointed. An eight year-old child immediately started following us around and telling us that we were going in the wrong direction. He kept saying, “Zig zag. Wrong way.” The data plan on our phone didn’t work so we couldn’t map out our riad. We were hauling around our luggage, and the sun was starting to set. We eventually broke down and paid the kid to take us to our riad.

Marrakech 081Marrakech 083Marrakech 082

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house with an interior courtyard. Riads are built with an interior courtyard so that outsiders cannot see how nice a family’s riad is. We stayed at the Riad Pachavana, which was about a 15 minute walk from Jemaa El Fna square. Upon our arrival, we were served mint tea and dates, both of which were refreshing and delicious. We also arrived in time to catch the sunset. The colors of the sunset over Marrakech were definitely something to behold. It was a tough introduction to Marrakech but the riad definitely put us in a better frame of mind.

RiadMarrakech 03SunsetMarrakech 07

For the next three nights, we stayed in a clean and spacious room at our riad. We also went up to the rooftop a few times to enjoy the city at night. Each night, the city is completely lit up and buzzing with life.

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The riad also included a traditional breakfast every morning. We feasted on semolina pancakes, breads, biscuits, yogurt, and fruit. We also enjoyed the Moroccan coffee, which was definitely better than a lot of the coffee we had been having in Europe.

Marrakech 10Marrakech 11

When we return to Morocco, we will definitely be staying at another riad. Because Marrakech can be a wild and indifferent city, it is nice to stay at a riad that gives you the comforts of home.

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