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Mr. Selfish and I were a little skeptical about eating the market food in Marrakech. However, I learned from the Lonely Planet guide at the riad that the market stands are actually regulated by the government and have stringent sanitation standards. With that knowledge, Mr. Selfish and I ate our meals at the market stands and have yet to suffer any consequences (other than a full belly).

We started with a local restaurant right outside of the market. There was an outdoor elevated patio, at which we enjoyed a nice view of the market. We ate the tangine and couscous, both of which were divine.

Market 07_thumbMarket 08_thumb

Thereafter, we felt braver and started eating all of our meals at the market stands. At the first market stand, we had kebabs, sausages, and tomato sauce with pitas. The kebabs and sausages were grilled right in front of us. Our anticipation from the smoke and aroma was palatable.

Market 19_thumb Market 20_thumb Market 21_thumbMarket 22_thumb

We also went to a market stand that was highly recommended by Trip Advisor. There was an extensive menu but once again, we went with the tangine, sausages, and tomato sauce with pita. The sausages and tomato sauce were not as good as the first stand, but the tangine was quite tasty.

Market 23_thumb Market 24_thumbMarket 25_thumb

For our last dinner in Marrakech, we wanted to try the sheep head, as well as a beef stew that was cooked with oranges. We found the sheep head to be a little fatty but the beef stew was the best thing that we ate in Marrakech. It was savory but tangy at the same time.

Market 26_thumb Market 27_thumb

For dessert, we had cinnamon pastries with cinnamon tea. The cinnamon was a bit strong for me since I’m not a big cinnamon fan, but Mr. Selfish loved it.

Market 28Market 29

On our first night in Marrakech, we didn’t venture to the market since we didn’t know where it was. Instead, we ate at a restaurant that clearly catered to westerners. It was about ten times the price and not nearly as tasty as the food at the market stands. I highly recommend eating at the market stands in Marrakech. Not only is the food sanitary but it is more authentic and at a fraction of the price.