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I love bargaining at outdoor markets. Even though I was a bit rusty, I decided to hone my skills in Marrakech. The souks (markets) were full of tchotchkes, which Mr. Selfish hates and I adore.

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I decided early on that we would buy leather camels as Christmas presents. We went to many stands to scope out the camels and find a competitive price. We accidentally figured out the best bargaining strategy in Marrakech:

1.  You find a vendor that is selling his wares on a rug (not in a sanctioned stand), which most likely means that he does not have a vendor license.

2.  You wait for the police to come around asking vendors for licenses.

3.  You start negotiating with the unlicensed vendor for the merchandise you desire.

4.  You buy your wanted merchandise for a much better price.

We find the that unlicensed vendor will drop the price rather quickly since he has to pack up his wares. We didn’t do this intentionally but noticed that once cops were in the vicinity checking for licenses, it was much easier to negotiate. Hence, we were able to purchase eight camels for a relatively good price.

Market 05

I particularly enjoyed the market near Djemaa El-Fna at night. The square was always bustling with life, and it is fun to watch the snake charmers and men with monkeys.

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While Mr. Selfish and I were in Marrakech, we must have seen at least five dozen stray cats. They all seemed pretty well-fed and apparently reject dry cat food. These cats were taken care of by the locals and only ate delicious meat and fish from the vendors.