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After our camel trek outside of Marrakech, we enjoyed lunch at a rustic riad near Jbel Toubkal, which is the tallest mountain in north African and the second tallest in Africa. It is more than 13,000 feet tall. The riad was nicely nestled in the valley near the town of Imlil. We ate a hearty meal of salad and tangine in order to prepare for our hike in the valley.

Camel 16Marrakech 544Marrakech 551Marrakech 552Marrakech 553

We were supposed to hike to a traditional Berber village. However, as soon as we got even a little elevated, I started getting intense nausea. The hike was actually not that strenuous; I just couldn’t catch my breath.

Camel 17Camel 18Camel 19Camel 20Camel 21

We even stopped at a fancy riad higher up so that I could catch my breath. Unfortunately, it never came. I faked it for a little bit for a couple of photos but then we had to descend.

Camel 22Camel 23Camel 24Camel 25

I later found out that we were at over 6,000 feet, which is more than a mile up. As soon as we drove to a lower altitude, I immediately started feeling better. Even though Mr. Selfish may contend that I am merely out of shape, I swear – it was the altitude sickness.