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Although Mr. Selfish and I are not wine experts, we have drank enough wine so that we can tell what is a good versus bad bottle of wine. During our six weeks in Paris, we drank many cheap bottles for around five euros each. Once we dipped below that price point, the wine was not palatable.

When we heard that Lisbon had vinho verde or green wine, Mr. Selfish and I knew that we had to try it. Green wine does not refer to the color of the grape but is actually wine made from young grapes. It is meant to be consumed within one year. The wine is a little sweet but mostly tart. We tried it and loved it. So we drank green wine at every opportunity we had.

Our favorite place was a little wine bar called Grapes & Bites. The wine was well-priced, and the food was yummy. Their cheese platter paired perfectly with our wine. Mr. Selfish and I actually went to Grapes & Bites twice although we were only in Lisbon for three days.

Grapes and BitesLisbon 195Lisbon 424Lisbon 427

Mr. Selfish and I also dined at Sacramento, which is a huge restaurant specializing in modern Portuguese food. We had grilled mushrooms as an appetizer, the traditional octopus rice with shrimp as the main course, and chocolate dipped strawberries filled with cream for dessert.

Lisbon 115Lisbon 107Lisbon 103Lisbon 105Strawberries

Finally, we ate at Sinale restaurant, where we enjoyed green wine again. For our meals, I had the traditional salted cod, and Mr. Selfish had a pork and clam dish. We also had an egg custard for dessert but it was not as good as the one from Pastéis de Belém.

Lisbon 011Lisbon 012Lisbon 013Lisbon 015

The food in Lisbon was surprisingly good, but we had virtually no expectations since Mr. Selfish and I didn’t know anything about Portuguese food. We certainly enjoyed the green wine and will be looking for it once we settle down in the States.