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After spending a day in Manila, we flew south to Cebu, which is a province in the Philippines consisting of approximately 168 islands. I was excited about Cebu since the lechon (roasted suckling pig) there is legendary. We opted for CnT Lechon, where they chop up the suckling pig in front of you behind plexi glass and you have to buy it by the kilo. It was savory, juicy, and delicious.

Philippines 171Philippines 185Philippines 194

Per Filipino tradition, we also hung out at the mall in Cebu. There were lots of fun photo ops to be had.

Philippines 205GanghamPhilippines 201Philippines 208

Next, we took a ferry to the province of Bohol. We stayed at Amarela Resort on Panglao Island. It was a lovely resort with a nice view of the beach.

Amarela 01Amarela 02RoomAmarela 06

We had fun hanging out with our friends’ son, Dek, at Amarela Resort. Kyle enjoyed pushing him on the swing, and we also chilled out in the pool area with him.

Amarela 05Amarela 07Amarela 08Amarela 09

Amarela Resort had some pretty good food as well. I couldn’t get enough of the garlic rice that they served at breakfast. I don’t know why every culture doesn’t make garlic rice for breakfast, but it is definitely one of my favorite new breakfast meals.

Amarela 10Amarela 11Amarela 12

Tomorrow, we’ll go over the epic countryside tour we took in Bohol. We saw the tiniest primate in the world, played with butterflies, and admired the amazing Chocolate Hills.