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Editor’s Note: This is the final post in a three part series on El Nido. Check out our other posts:

During our third day at El Nido, we decided to visit Miniloc Island, which is another island belonging to El Nido Resorts. We were originally slated to stay on Miniloc Island but we were upgraded to Lagen Island. Both islands are beautiful.

At Miniloc, we watched the jack fish feeding. Dek particularly enjoyed it. We also relaxed on the hammocks, and Mike and Dek played some b-ball.

Day Two 02FeedingMinolocDay Two 01

Next, we stopped by Entalula Island for some rock climbing, snorkeling, and a picnic basket lunch.

Rock ClimbingDay Two 24Day Two 23Day Two 22Day Two 07

We generally enjoyed the white sandy beaches on Entalula Island and the beautiful limestone cliff views. It was magical.

Day Two 13Day Two 16Day Two 19Day Two 20Day Two 12

Next, we took a boat to Big Lagoon. Although you typically just take a boat through Big Lagoon, our friends noticed that you could kayak through it as well. We made a special request to kayak through Big Lagoon, and it was lovely.

Day Two 14Day Two 17Day Two 26Day Two 27Day Two 28Day Two 29

Then, all five of us kayaked through Small Lagoon. You had to kayak through tiny caves where if you held your head up, you would hit the cave. It felt like the Little Mermaid.

Day Two 35Day Two 30Day Two 34Day Two 31Day Two 32Day Two 33Day Two 36

What a beautiful resort. I look back at the photos now and can’t believe that I was ever there.  Thanks to Mike and Uyen-Minh for convincing us to splurge on El Nido Resorts!