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Mr. Selfish and I had originally planned to spend an entire week in Dalat, but after hearing that there wasn’t much to do in Dalat, we decided to split up that week with another location – Nha Trang. I had heard that Nha Trang was primarily a beach town and that there would be good diving there.

Little did I know that the Nha Trang airport has a direct flight from Russia and that the entire town is swarming with Russians. It was kinda surreal seeing Russian on so many signs and menus in a Vietnamese town.

Nha Trang 01Nha Trang 02Nha Trang 03

Mr. Selfish and I have discovered that we only like remote beaches (e.g., El Nido Resorts). We are not big fans of huge public beaches. That being said, Nha Trang was okay. The water was a little rough and choppy but we did hang out at the Sailing Club to enjoy the views.

Nha Trang 04BeachNha Trang 07Nha Trang 08Nha Trang 10

The biggest highlight of our trip to Nha Trang was the scuba diving. We dived with Mark Scott, who was the best diving instructor we’ve had to date. He went over all of the equipment with us and gave us tips that no one had mentioned to us before. He was very patient and showed us that you could scuba dive without a mask strap due to the pressure in the water. Although it freaked me out a bit, it was a good learning experience. Also, the water was pretty clear, and there were lots of interesting little creatures. If you visit Nha Trang and want to go diving or snorkeling, I highly recommend Mark Scott.

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Further, we went to the Long Son Pagoda, which had a huge Buddha. It was quite hot that day but the blue skies made for nice photos.

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Lastly, we went to i-resort for a mud bath and 1-hour massage. It was an interesting experience. Although the mud bath, mineral pools, and massage were quite tranquil, the jet stream wash made me feel like I was going through a carwash. Nevertheless, I would do it again. I didn’t take any photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it though.